Introducing Orilla CNC

Welcome to Orilla CNC, your top-tier partner for cutting-edge precision machining solutions.

Our team consists of highly skilled engineers and technicians with extensive experience in CNC machining for both industrial and commercial applications. We guarantee meticulous design and flawless execution, providing you with the assurance that your projects will meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Located in George, Orilla CNC proudly serves clients across the Western Cape region.

Choose us for your CNC machining needs, and experience excellence in precision engineering.

What is CNC?

CNC is a manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of machinery and tools.

It’s commonly used in machining, woodworking, 3D printing, laser cutting, and other manufacturing processes.

CNC machines can operate with high precision and repeatability, making them crucial in modern manufacturing.

The Benefits of CNC

higher precision

repeatability and accuracy

the ability to produce complex shapes and geometries

the option for automation and unmanned operation

faster production speeds

reduced manual labor and operator error

Our CNC Services

Engineering CAD Designs

CNC Router - ACM Signage Sheets (DiBond, CBond, etc)

CNC Router - Acrylic Sheets (Perspex, etc)

Spray Painting of Wood Sheet Products

CNC Router - Wood Sheets (Plywood, MDF, etc)

Plastic 3D Printing

Assembly of CNC products

Our in-house equipment:

1. CNC Router
We have a large in house CNC router with a vacuum bed for full sheet CNC cutting of a wide range of materials.

2. Spray Painting
We have an in house spray painting booth for wood painting.

3. Assembly Workshop
We have an in house assembly workshop for CNC products assembly. 

4. 3D Printer
We have an in house top of the range plastic filament 3D printer.

Materials we use:

1. Metal

  • Aluminum sheets

2. Plastics

  • Acrylic sheets

3. Wood

  • Wood sheets (any type)

ACM Signage

With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled craftsmen, we specialize in delivering high-quality signage solutions tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you require intricate designs or large-scale projects, our expertise ensures flawless results every time. From storefronts to corporate branding, our commitment to excellence guarantees signage that not only captures attention but also withstands the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is a manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer software controls the movement of machinery and tools to perform various tasks such as cutting, drilling, milling, and shaping materials like metal, wood, and plastic with high precision and repeatability.

What materials can be used with CNC machining?

CNC machining can work with a wide range of materials, including metals (such as aluminum, steel, and titanium), plastics (like ABS, acrylic, and nylon), wood, foam, composite materials, and more. The suitability of a material depends on factors such as its hardness, machinability, and desired end-use application.

What tolerances can CNC machining achieve?

The achievable tolerances in CNC machining depend on factors such as the material being machined, the complexity of the part, the capabilities of the CNC machine, and the quality of the tooling. Generally, CNC machining can achieve tolerances within a few thousandths of an inch (0.001 inches or 0.025 millimeters), but tighter tolerances may be possible in certain cases.

What file formats are accepted for CNC machining?

Commonly accepted file formats for CNC machining include CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files such as .STL, .STEP, .IGES, and .DWG, as well as CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) files like G-code. However, CNC shops may have specific software preferences or requirements, so it’s essential to confirm file format compatibility with your service provider.

What is the typical lead time for CNC machining projects?

The lead time for CNC machining projects can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the parts, the quantity being produced, the availability of materials, and the workload of the CNC shop. Generally, smaller and simpler parts may have shorter lead times, while larger or more complex projects may require more time for setup and machining.

Is CNC machining suitable for my project/application?

CNC machining is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of industries and applications, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices, consumer goods, and more. Whether your project involves rapid prototyping, custom parts manufacturing, or high-volume production, CNC machining can often meet your requirements efficiently and effectively.


Friendly people. They know what they are doing. Quick turnaround time. And very well priced compared to the market.

– Waldrich Koen


World class professionalism. I look forward to a productive long-term relationship with Orilla CNC.

– Andrew

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